Reviews from Recent Guests

The first night in camp Preston told us to imagine that we were traveling the country a hundred years wasn't hard! For the next week we never saw a paved road, power pole or house! This last week wasn't a vacation, it was a lifetime experience. There is no other way to see this varied and beautiful country that God created than from the back of a great horse. Urban life can drain so much away and sometimes blind us. Thanks for the reminder and reload of what's really important. What a treasure you have here and thank you for sharing it.
Martin Adams Warrenton, Va. - PATHFINDER RIDE
First time for me doing riding of this intensity. Really appreciated all of your patience, guidance and tips and your perfect selection of a horse. Made for a wonderful experience for me. Scenery wasn't bad either!
Pete Bates Winterport, Me. - BIG LOOP RIDE
N Bar Ranch or should say Paradise Ranch!
It was such a lovely trip from day one and got better everyday. I arrive an English seat, straight back, shoulders square rider. Thanks Preston for making me a true relaxed, long stirrup, soft hand cowboy rider. I appreciated this after miles and miles of riding every day. It was great contact to be with warm people and real horsemen.
Wish big, big success to Jay and Tanya in your horse business, you're a great team and great horsemen.
Special mention to the 5 star meals... "I'm full and can't have thirds!"
See you all again!
Henri-Jacques Near Paris, France - GENERAL RIDING WEEK
Thanks for a wonderful week! My father and I had a great time with wonderful, caring and thoughtful people. Thank you for your warm hospitality!
Thanks for you teaching us about your nature, your history and your horses. Special thanks to them! Casino and Gringo are the best we have ridden on many U.S. ranch visits. The rides were the best ever! We leave with new friends and amazing days to remember.
Katrin and Michael Maedler Osnabruck, Germany - GENERAL RIDING WEEK
Well I don't know where to start... I've planned this trip for 2 years now with my friend Suzy from Virginia and I am so thankful that I was able to come over here. Loved that great horse Dakota who was willing and able and happy to work for me. I got rid of some of my thunder scare in an amazing rain and hail storm and met beautiful people along the way. Loved all the people, the nature was beyond dreams. Anyway I will always treasure this trip in my heart. Thank you so much! Hugs and love.
Manja Westernoort, Netherlands - GENERAL RIDING WEEK
I have been coming here since 1998. I have ridden the globe since then, Peru, Jordan, S. Africa and many other places in the U.S. However nothing beats the N Bar!
Good to know the ranch is still here and always will be. Thanks to Preston, Maggie, Jay and Tanya for always making me feel at home.
It was so good the last time I had to come back! The boys are handsome as ever...big chests, firm rumps and broad shoulders. Yes thats Dakota, Gaucho, Casino, Gringo and Scout. The two legged ones aren't bad either, there is even one who thinks he is Steve McQueen! The ladies are as lovely as ever and such great cooks.
Great riding, great country, great food...what more could you ask for!
Brilliant trip!
Sammy W. North Yorkshire, England - BIG LOOP RIDE
I came this week with nothing in mind other than get away from it all.
That I did!
The country is phenomenal! The horse are outstanding! The people even better!
Thanks so much for the escape you have given me.
Dave Meyerink Otsego, MI - PATHFINDER RIDE
What can I say about our stay at the N Bar? A lot!
The country is just amazing, stunning views and vistas. Jay made all our days an adventure and something to remember.
Great horses were Gaucho looking after me and Slade and Gringo taking care of John. Incredible seeing all those elk as well as Mule Deer, Antelope and a big Lion track!
Great cooking thanks to Maggie and sorry to Preston for beating him at horseshoes.
We had a great time. By far our best ranch holiday ever in a great part of the U.S.
And the best steaks I've ever had!
Emma and John Lang Scotland, U.K. - GENERAL RIDING WEEK
Once again thank you for letting me into your lives. I think of you all as my second family. Over the many years you have given me many great adventures and memories and this year was no exception. Five days on the trail camping with great people in great country, riding amazing horses.
I will keep coming back every year until you tell me to quit.
Peg Kenyon Pittsfield, Ma. - PATHFINDER RIDE
I brought my horse for a General Riding week and had a blast!
Great rides, fellowship and food.
Thank you so much and I can't wait for my next trip!
Tammy Halsey Haysville Kansas - GENERAL RIDING WEEK
First thing I noticed was how quite it was! Then the space, overwhelmed with the vastness of the country and completely uncivilized. We rode it all for days and then I noticed how sore I was! Ha ha. Doesn't seem fair to be leaving after just a week because I'm just getting warmed up! Guess I'll just have to come back!
Amber Adams Manassas, Va. - PATHFINDER RIDE
Thanks for the wonderful rides, food and great people. One of the best places I have ever been.
Sheena O'Gorman Rose Hill, Kansas - GENERAL RIDING WEEK
Thanks for an amazing week, loved the people, loved the country and loved the horses. I will get back again someday for another great week.
Claire Wilson Wales - GENERAL RIDING WEEK
Huge appreciation for all your hard work making our week in the wilderness brilliant!
Preston you even made camping fun!
Special thanks to Jay for his knowledge and skills out on the trail. So good to see such soft and patient horsemanship. And thanks to Tanya for letting me ride her own horse, loved Casino!
Maggie we didn't get to spend much time with you but the little we did was just plain fun!
Many thanks.
Sue Norton North Yorkshire, England - BIG LOOP RIDE
This was an amazing trip! I will have great, lifelong memories. The wranglers Jay and Cassady did an outstanding job and Preston the food was excellent! The horses were just amazing taking us through the canyon.
Thanks for a tremendous experience.
Bill Sullivan Fort Collins, Co - PATHFINDER RIDE